Who is behind our product?

We have developed our supplement in close cooperation with Dr. Dorota Wojnowska, MD, a specialist in dermatology. Women with the problem of hair loss often come to her. Together we found a solution!
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Our vision

When developing the preparation, we were driven by one need: to help women with hair loss. Our company has been creating products that care for hair from the outside for years, we knew it was time to go one step further. It’s time to take care of the growth of healthy, thick hair, and for this to succeed, you need to take care of your whole body! The ingredients of our supplement support the body’s work, complement the most important elements and have anti-aging properties!
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Why does hair fall out

There are many reasons for hair thinning. These include stress, inadequate diet, metabolic problems, thyroid disease, and certain medications, among others. For women, alopecia, thinning or difficult regrowth are often a big problem and stress. This is a signal that undesirable processes are taking place in the body. That is why it is worth providing yourself with support in the fight against this problem and start supplementing with beneficial ingredients.
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Opinion of the Medical University in Poznań

The Bioelixire dietary supplement has been reviewed by a team of consultants from the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań.
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A few words about our main ingredients

What you will find in our syrup and why your body will be grateful for using Bioelixire Thick Hair. Dr. Dorota Wojnowska talks professionally and clearly, because we believe that you take better care of yourself when you know more.
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