porost włosów

Opinion of experts from the Medical University

The reviewed preparation contains active substances such as: Indian gooseberry extract, biotin, zinc and L-cysteine. All these substances have scientifically proven effects on the condition of the hair and their selection is absolutely justified. The daily dose of the standardized Indian gooseberry extract in the presented preparation has been confirmed by clinical tests. Research shows that biotin supplementation has a positive effect on improving the condition of the hair in people with deficiencies of this vitamin. In L-cysteine ​​appendage, it is important to consider drug interactions, foods, and other supplements, especially in patients with health problems. The preparation is proposed for use in adults, it is worth emphasizing here that due to the pharmacological properties of Indian gooseberry, it can be used in people with hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia. The maltitol syrup used in the preparation is approved for use in preparations intended for diabetics.