wypadanie włosów

Our vision

When creating the Bioelixire supplement, we wanted both proven, active ingredients supporting regrowth, as well as adding a substance that has a comprehensive effect on the body. The anti-aging effect was important to us. The problem of hair loss is complex, it depends both on the condition of the body and environmental factors.
Indian gooseberry extract (known as Amla) is a substance that will provide benefits to the skin, hair and the entire body. It is an ingredient that has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is also the main substance of our supplement. Modern scientific research has confirmed the beneficial effects of this plant. Not only have valuable cosmetic properties been confirmed – anti-aging effects, beautiful skin and hair, but also a protective effect on the liver, blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
The composition of the preparation also includes biotin in the maximum daily dose supporting the synthesis of collagen and keratin – the basic hair-building ingredients. It is worth knowing that biotin also supports the immune system. We used zinc in the form of a well-absorbed gluconate, which regulates cell metabolism and improves the body’s immunity. The last active ingredient is the sulfuric amino acid L-cysteine, added to rebuild hair keratin. The composition of the product was developed for women with the problem of hair loss, chronic stress and glucose intolerance. It can be used by people with diabetes.