Hair Research

Hair Research

Our “Thick Hair”/ “Gęste Włosy`’ series is more than just cosmetics. They are unique products that we are proud of. They help you regain thick, healthy hair. The creation of the series would not have been possible without cooperation with representatives of medical science. See who is behind our product!
wypadające włosy

Dr n. med. Dorota Wojnowska

Academic lecturer and researcher, specializing in clinical and aesthetic dermatology. She is involved in clinical and aesthetic dermatology and has many years of professional experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Participation in national and international trainings gives us confidence that the dietary supplement we have developed together will carry real help to women around the world in the fight against hair loss.

Dr. Dorota Wojnowska has worked for many years in both the adult and pediatric wards. Her knowledge and charisma make her a perfect fit as a lecturer on cosmetology, as well as cosmetic dermatology at the medical aesthetics course run by the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists. She also lectures at postgraduate courses in pediatric dermatology. From 2004 to 2011, she taught cosmetic dermatology at the Faculty of Chemistry of Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin (majoring in bioactive agents and cosmetics).

Until 2009, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Pediatric Dermatology at the Medical University of Lublin. She also organized a course in skin histopathology. In 1999, she defended her doctoral thesis on T-lymphocyte immunophenotype disorders in primary cutaneous T-cell lymphomas.

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Opinion of experts from
University of Medical Sciences

The reviewed preparation, among others for hair growth, contains in its composition active substances such as Indian gooseberry extract, biotin, zinc, and L-cysteine. All these substances have a scientifically proven effect on the condition of the hair, and their selection is most reasonable. The daily dose of standardized Indian gooseberry extract in the presented preparation is confirmed by clinical studies.

Studies conclude that biotin supplementation positively improves hair condition in people with deficiencies of this vitamin. In the appendage of L-cysteine, it is important to consider interactions with drugs, foods, and other supplements, especially in patients with health problems. The preparation is proposed for use in adults, it is worth noting here that due to the pharmacological properties of Indian gooseberry it can be used in people with hyperglycemia, hipercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia. The maltitol syrup used in the preparation is approved for use in preparations for diabetics.

Chair and Department of Natural Medicinal and Cosmetic Raw Materials Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznan.

Trichology assessments conducted by trichologist Alevtina Kolieva

We test the effectiveness of the Bioelixire supplement on a group of people who – after an initial interview – are qualified for a trichology study. Alevtina Kolieva, a trichologist, evaluates the condition of the hair using a microscope, takes photographic documentation, and then compares the condition of the scalp and hair after three to six months. In addition to the trichological examination, participants complete a self-assessment questionnaire. Thanks to it, we know that 92.3% of women noticed reduced hair loss and are satisfied with the use of the supplement!

See photos taken with a trichology camera before starting supplementation with Bioelixire syrup and after 4 months of use. The first photos are from a test taken on 10/10/2021, and the second on 11/02/2022.

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