Bioelixire Thick Hair Supplement

Thick Hair Supplement

When you need support from within

We know that the appearance of hair is influenced by external and internal conditions, which is why our Thick Hair product line works comprehensively. Bioelixire dietary supplement for internal use was created in cooperation with trychologists and doctors of medical sciences, because the aim was to create a product, which will prevent hair loss regardless of the cause.

Hair loss is a common problem faced by people of all ages at all stages of life. Post-covid hair loss, stress, unbalanced diet, or genetic factors all have a negative impact on the condition of the hair and scalp.

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Active ingredients  

bioelixire odżywka

Indian gooseberry

Lowers cholesterol and has broad systemic effects to protect the liver and boost immunity. Amla is widely used in India – it is taken internally and externally as a hair treatment. It is characterized by high content of vitamin C, flavonoids (inhibiting premature aging), alkaloids, polyphenols and amino acids. Amla delays greying and strengthens hair, as well as regulates the sebaceous glands.


Influences the proper functioning of sebaceous glands. It stimulates hair growth and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Biotin deficiency is indicated by brittle and fragile nails and hair loss. Biotin contains sulphur molecules, which are necessary for building keratin – the basic building block of hair.


Podstawowy aminokwas w organizmie, który wpływa na elastyczność i strukturę skóry. Uczestniczy w produkcji kolagenu, przyczyniającego się do zmniejszenia zmarszczek, uelastycznienia włosów. L-cysteina pomaga poradzić sobie z rozdwojonymi końcówkami, wzmożonym wypadaniem i przesuszeniem.


An essential amino acid in the body that affects skin elasticity and structure. It participates in the production of collagen, which contributes to the reduction of wrinkles, making hair more elastic. L-cysteine helps to deal with split ends, increased hair loss and dryness.

Opinion of the Medical University of Poznań

Badania przeprowadzone przez Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu potwierdzają, że nasz suplement na porost włosów Bioelixire “Gęste Włosy” zawiera zalecaną dawkę dobową ekstraktu z agrestu indyjskiego, a także biotynę, cynk i L-cysteine. Skład suplementu został potwierdzony badaniami klinicznymi.

Table of active ingredients

From the author of the composition

Dr. Dorota Wojnowska

Doctor of Medical Sciences, dermatologist and lecturer in cosmetic dermatology. In her practice she often faces the problem of excessive hair loss, the solution to which is our Bioelixire supplement.

"Bioelixire is a highly innovative product with hair regrowth stimulating, photoprotective and anti-aging properties that may carry systemic benefits. It is recommended for conditions of hair loss and weakening of hair quality, stress, fatigue and poorly balanced diet. Also for people with elevated levels of glucose, cholesterol and other lipids."

Good to know

Suplement Diety Gęste Włosy
The recommended intake is 7.5ml per day.
Maltitol syrup, purified water, dry gooseberry extract (Emblica officinalis), cherry juice concentrate, natural banana flavor with other natural flavors, zinc (zinc gluconate), acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: sodium benzoate, L-cysteine, biotin. The product can be used by diabetics
Store this product at 5 to 30°C, in a dry and sunless place. Inform your doctor about the use of the supplement before planned treatments or surgeries. The syrup should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.
Bioelixire Poland

Frequently asked questions about hair loss and Bioelixire hair growth supplement

  • Androgenetic alopecia is associated with so-called miniaturization and transformation of healthy hair into mesquite hair. Most often it has a genetic background. Androgenetic alopecia cannot be cured, but it is possible to inhibit the progression of the disease with the help of pharmacotherapy and appropriate care.

  • Telogenetic alopecia is a consequence of metabolic stress, hormonal problems or medications taken. It also occurs in case of deficiencies (e.g. iron, biotin, zinc, B vitamins). Simply put, telogenic baldness occurs when the body’s natural balance is disturbed, e.g. after an illness.

The product can be used by adults, who struggle with excessive hair loss or care about hair thickening and general improvement of the body condition. Bioelixire supplement is recommended for both men and women.

The product can be used by people with hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia. It is suitable for vegans, diabetics and all people who care about a balanced lifestyle and want to support themselves with additional supplementation.

Maltitol syrup, purified water, dry gooseberry extract (Emblica officinalis), cherry juice concentrate, natural banana flavor with other natural flavors, zinc (zinc gluconate), acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: sodium benzoate, L-cysteine, biotin. The product can be used by diabetics
The role of Bioelixire Dense Hair supplement is strengthening of hair follicles and stimulation of new hair in the follicle as well as prolonging anagen phase, which is a period of hair growth. Due to the physiological duration of the phases, it is recommended to take the syrup for about 2-3 months at a dose of 7.5ml per day. This is a safe and recommended dose. As supplementation, the syrup can be used longer at a lower dose of 5ml/d. However, it should be remembered that supplements are a supplement to the diet and should not be considered a substitute for a healthy diet.
We recommend a dose of 7.5ml/day, and if more severe deficiencies are detected, the syrup dose can be increased to 10ml/day. Do not exceed 15ml/day. In case of baldness and weakening of hair quality, a sufficiently long treatment time plays an important role. It is not recommended to shorten the duration of administration by increasing the dosage.
Dietary supplements are used to enrich the daily diet and quickly correct deficiencies. However, in the case of dietary supplements, there are often no strict minimum or maximum periods of supplementation. The syrup’s components: biotin, zinc, L-cysteine and gooseberry extract have been used in a safe and optimal dose. In case of the problem of excessive hair loss and weakening of its quality, we recommend a three-month treatment period. The syrup can be taken periodically as a reminder treatment.
Dosage of the syrup has been established on the basis of active ingredients content and recommended daily requirement for those ingredients. Exceeding the dose of 15ml per day is not recommended. The syrup sweetener, maltitol syrup, if consumed in excessive amount (usually above 20-50g) may cause temporary diarrhea.
This product has not been tested on animals! We believe that testing cosmetics, dietary supplements or nutritional ingredients on animals is unethical and unnecessary. There is a sufficient amount of scientific data proving health benefits of applied active ingredients in humans. Bioelixire Thick Hair Syrup is a vegan product and has been manufactured in accordance with ISO 22000 standard, which guarantees safety and high quality of the dietary supplement.
Yes, Bioelixire Thick Hair supplement can be taken all year round. However, hair condition and diet should be taken into consideration.
Androgenetic alopecia, in both men and women, is a form of hair loss in which the primary role is attributed to genetic predisposition. There may be additional factors influencing hair growth. According to the current position of international dermatological societies, including the Polish Society of Dermatology in 2018, the primary drugs used for this form of alopecia are still 2 and 5% minoxidil in women and men, and oral finasteride, primarily in the treatment of men. The use of Bioelixire syrup can be supportive, supplementing the daily diet.

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